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Cycling Carretera Austral (Northern Segment 10 day Bike Tour)

USD $3,847.00USD $4,778.00

Per Person
Number of participants


Cycling Carretera Austral


Day 1 : Arrive in Puerto Varas

Puerto Montt – Puerto Varas

First day of your Cycling Carretera Austral’s experience! After you arrive in Puerto Montt a transfer will pick you up and take you to Puerto Varas. This small German town is located about 20 minutes away and is located along Lake Llanquihue and has a gorgeous view of many nearby mountains and volcanos. You will be able to spend the afternoon enjoying this town.

Day 2 : Prepare to Cycle

Puerto Varas – Chaiten

You will have some time in the morning to prepare for the next few days of cycling and gather any last minute supplies. In the evening you will board a ferry that will take you to Chaiten, which was a town devastated by a volcanic ash eruption in 2008.

Day 3 : Visit the Termas del Amarillo

Chaiten – Termas del Amarillo
Third day of your Cycling Carretera Austral! In the morning you will arrive at the small town of Chaiten and have a little bit of time to look around before you begin cycling southwards to the Termas del Amarillo. The ride is approximately 30 kms. The Termas del Amarillo are inside of Pumalin National Park. You will be able to enjoy beautiful surrounds in this national park before dinner and a good nights rest.

Day 4 : Enjoy Villa Santa Lucia

Termas del Amarillo – Villa Santa Lucia

Shortly after breakfast we will begin peddling towards Puerto Cardenas, the ride is approximately 20 kms. From this small town we will have a beautiful view of Lake Yelcho! We will stop for a few pictures, but then continue onwards to Villa Santa Lucia. The second half of the ride is 36 kms and we will arrive into Villa Santa Lucia in time for a quick look around and a delicious dinner!

Day 5 : Visit La Junta

Villa Santa Lucia – La Junta

Today we will prepare to cycle with energy! We will have an early breakfast and begin our 70 km ride to La Junta; this town is known as the “Pueblo del Encuentro” (town of meeting). During the day we will cross the beautiful Palena and Rosselot Rivers and stop for various photographs. In the evening we will arrive at La Junta and enjoy this small farming town.

Day 6 : Ride through Rosselot National Forrest

La Junta – Puyuhuapi

Today we will have a bit of an easier ride. We will ride approximately 66 km on gravel roads, crossing both the Rosselot National Forest and

Lake Risopatron. In the afternoon we will stop in Puyuhuapi for lunch. The town is near Queulat National Park. In the afternoon a boat from a nearby hotel will pick us up and take us to their hot springs. We will relax and enjoy the evening in luxury!

Day 7 : Relax in Puyuhuapi


Today we will enjoy the breath-taking landscapes by trekking in the nearby national park. However, if you like you may relax in the hot springs and take a day just for yourself.

Day 8 : Cruise down the Queulat Pass

Puyuhuapi – Amengual
On the 8th day of your Cycling Carretera Austral, we will start out early today after a day of rest. We will go 91 km, so hopefully we are well rested! Today we will ride across the famous Queulat pass; it has approximately 33 switchbacks until reach 1600 feet above sea level. When we finally reach the top, we will go downhill until we find a paved road and be able to peddle into Villa Amengual a bit more quickly. However, we won ́t stop in the city, we will continue until arriving at Lake Las Torres, where we will stop for the day in nice fly fishing cabins.

Day 9 : Arrive at Coihaique

Amengual – Maniguales – Coyhaique

We will wake to have breakfast in the cabins and prepare to ride. We will be peddling 53 km from Villa Amengual to the small town Maniguales. The road is mixed with both paved and gravel sections. The views are amazing; we will see valley lined with towering peaks, canyons and rivers. We will stop for lunch in Mañiguales and then continue to the next town by bus. It is approximately 64km to Coihaique, which is the biggest city in the region and the commercial center for this part of Patagonia. We will spend the night in the town and you will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy “city” life again.

Day 10 : Continue your Journey


Last day of your Cycling Carretera Austral! Today you will be able to leave the small town at whatever time you need. The flights leave from Balmaceda and you can pick the schedule that works best for you.


  • All Transportation
  • 9 nights in private double hostel room or cabins
  • Breakfast on days 2 – 10
  • Lunch on days 2 – 9
  • Dinner on days 1 – 9
  • Support vehicle during cycling days 2- 9 (including cycling snacks, water, transportation of gear)
  • Mechanical assistance with bike throughout trip
  • Cleaning and maintenance on bike
  • Camping gear (tents, cooking gear, sleeping pads, cooking tent)
  • Excursions listed in program
  • Rental Bike – Giant Terrago in various sizes
  • Transfer from the airport to Puerto Varas
  • Transfer from Coyhaique to the airport
  • Communication satellite (for security reasons only) GPS tracking

Does Not Include:

  • Airline Tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal trekking gear
  • Drinks during lunch or dinner
  • Anything not listed as included
  • Tips for staff or at dinners


Total price for 2 people: $4,770 USD

Important Notes:

Please note that in order to reserve this tour, we need to pay the operator immediately, so all bookings are final. If you have any questions before booking or want to confirm a certain date, please email us at

The Cycling Carretera Austral tour requires a minimum of 4 people for departure.

How far ahead should I book my trip?
Due to the popularity of Patagonia, we recommend booking your trip 4 months in advance during the peak travel months (Dec-Feb). If you want to travel in November or March we recommend booking travel 2 months in advance.

Upon arrival to Patagonia
Your guide will meet you at the airport upon arrival. Typically he/she will take you to Puerto Natales, which is about a 3-hour drive from Punta Arenas. Depending on what time your plane arrives, you will have the entire day or just a few hours to explore or rest-up in the small town of Puerto Natales. Your guide will leave you at your hotel and meet you shortly after dinner to discuss trip details, answer questions, and make sure that you have all the appropriate gear for the next few days (the hotel will allow you to leave any unnecessary luggage with them).

Patagonian weather
Most of the time, there is no way to know what to expect. What you need to know is that it is fast changing and one can witness the wind, sun, rain and snow all in a matter of hours while in Patagonian wilderness. However, in the cities it is slightly more predictable, normally and are correct.

What to pack
During the trek you need to have a backpack (renting a backpack is possible) with just enough room to carry your clothes, toiletries, and sleeping bag (during W trips, renting a sleeping bag is also possible). Shared equipment like tents, stoves, pots, and food will be brought and transferred by our staff.

Personal equipment and clothing should be chosen to allow comfort while hiking. Select clothes to keep you dry in the rain, protected from the wind, and cool enough for warmer moments. It is essential that you are prepared to experience all four seasons in one day.

Tour insurance
It is very important that every visitor has international insurance against accidents. Make sure you have arranged for this insurance before paying for the trip. It is worth considering that some aspects of nature are unpredictable and that we must be prepared for any inconvenient circumstances.

Tour meals
Three meals a day during your Cycling Carretera Austral program are included. We do not include drinks while in cities or snacks during the day. When staying in cities we will eat in restaurants, however during the days we are in the wilderness your guide will prepare your food. Food is purchased at local stores and we choose your meals according to the preference sheet you fill out. Food can include, but is not limited to, assorted vegetables, beef, chicken and fish. We will also provide energy rich carbohydrates like pasta, rice, or potatoes. To top things off and excite your taste buds we also bring some of the following: wine, beer, cookies, cheese, crackers, and fruits.  Your meals are carried and, most of the time, prepared by your guide.

Changes in itinerary
Although we do our very best to adhere to the schedule agreed upon, this itinerary of the Cycling Carretera Austral is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control including weather and terrain conditions.

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Northern Carretera Bike Tour

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Coihaique: -45.569740, -72.065773
Chaiten: -42.916700, -72.716700
Termas de Amarillo: -45.587968, -72.077462
Puerto Cárdenas: -43.174441, -72.433891
Villa Santa Lucía: -43.415024, -72.364197
La Junta: -43.973052, -72.394409
Puyuhuapi: -44.324831, -72.555084
Villa Amengual: -44.737616, -72.217395
Mañiguales: -45.174293, -72.141724
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Coihaique, Chile
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Chaitén, Chile
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Termas de Amarillo
Termas de Amarillo, Coyhaique, Chile
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Puerto Cárdenas
Puerto Cárdenas, Chaitén, Chile
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Villa Santa Lucía
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La Junta
La Junta
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Puyuhuapi, Cisnes, Chile
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Villa Amengual
Villa Amengual, Lago Verde, Chile
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Mañihuales, Chile

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