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Carretera Austral Cycling (Southern Segment – Two Week Package)

Take the adventure of a lifetime and cycle through Southern Chile with expert guidance, for an unforgettable experience.

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Biking the Southern Carretera Austral (Two Week Package)


Day 1 : Arrive in Coihaique


You will arrive in Coihaique and a transfer will be waiting for you with a sign ready to take you to your hostel. Coihaique is the biggest city in the region and the commercial center for this part of Patagonia. We will spend the night in the town and you will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy “city” life for the last time in many days.

Day 2 : Explore Villa Castillo

Coihaique – Villa Castillo

We will prepare to cycle after breakfast and begin with 40 km on paved road towards El Blanco. The town was a post for travelers and populated by farmers. There are just 500 people that live in the town today. After a quick break in the small town we will continue peddling to our destination — Villa Cerro Castillo. It is approximately 64 km past El Blanco ride, and still on paved roads. You will have time to enjoy the beautiful route and the small populated areas along the way to the village. You will have a nice dinner and sleep well in this small town.

Day 3 : Relax in Puerto Tranquillo

Villa Castillo – Puerto Murta

We will start out very early today, because we are going to have a big riding day. Breakfast will be at 7:30 and we will leave before 9:00, the first 50 km of the day will be ridden in a transfer. We will get out of the transfer and continue our way on our bikes. The ride is on gravel and we will continue peddling past beautiful lakes, rivers, and through valleys until we finally reach Puerto Tranquillo. This small port town is our next base to relax and enjoy Patagonia. Lake General Carrera is the largest lake in Chile and we will spend some time seeing it. You will also want to make time to see Exploradores Glacier and San Valentin Mount and ice field; both bodies of ice contribute to the northern ice field. We will spend the night in the tiny town and rest after a long day.

Day 4 :Watch the fish swim by on Baker River

Puerto Tranquillo – Puerto Bertrand

Today we will leave the peace of Puerto Tranquillo and head towards Puerto Bertrand, a place where the famous and amazing Baker River starts. We will have a late departure and ride 23 km on gravel road to Puerto Bertand. Along the route we will pass three lakes, during the summer months the lakes will rise and
flood a lot of the area’s farmlands. We will ride 78 km on gravel roads and cozy cabins will be awaiting us in the evening. The town is a great place for fly fishing and we may encounter serious fishermen in this town.

Day 5 : Admire San Lorenzo Mount

Puerto Bertrand – Parque Patagonia

After a nutritional breakfast we will begin cycling along Baker River. You will be able to relax and admire the impressive rapids along the way. We will ride 62 km on gravel road, and cycle over a couple of demanding stretches as we head towards another bigger town. This is the last town we will stop at with internet and telephone connection. After today we will be entering some of the most untouched places in Patagonia.


We will spend the night camping before delving further into Patagonia!

Day 6 : Camp out at Camp Los Nadis

Parque Patagonia – Camping Los Nadis

We will be off into the wilderness! Camping Los Nadis is a nice stop along the road, there aren’t many options for accommodations in the area, but this is a perfect spot to stop and enjoy a typical Patagonian barbecue. You will enjoy beautiful views and a peaceful campsite after a 60km ride on gravel roads!

Day 7 : Explore Caleta Tortel

Camping Los Nadis – Caleta Tortel

We will leave the peacefulness of Los Nadis in the early morning. Our destination is named Caleta Tortel and is about 97 km away. It is an incredible town built on steep stone cliffs and – until 2003 – used to be only accessible by water. When we arrive, we will have to take a boat-taxi to reach our accommodation in a cozy hostel.

Day 8 : Ferry to Villa O’Higgens

Caleta Tortel – Villa O’Higgins

We’ll depart bright and early from Caleta Tortel early in the morning, as today’s journey is about 155 km on gravel roads and water. We will begin the day by taking a transfer to Puerto Yungay where we will board a boat. This ferry will save us some distance peddling and also make the last leg of our adventure on the Carretera Austral more interesting! We will head towards Villa O’Higgins after the ferry crossing docks in Rio Bravo and have 92 km to go on gravel roads. Finally we will arrive in Villa O ́Higgins and prepare for the lake crossing the following day.

Day 9 : Rest Day

Villa O’Higgins  – Villa O’Higgins

Today will be a rest day or weather day. There will be time for an excursion from town towards a beautiful glacier or up a mountain. If the weather is wild we may use this day to reroute the trip through Argentina to arrive at El Chalten on time. Either way, you will have another exciting day in Patagonia!

Day 10 : Relax on an Estancia on Lake O’Higgins

Villa O’Higgins – Candelario Mansilla

Today we will begin our voyage across Lake O’Higgins and Lake San Martin. First we will have breakfast and be prepared to cross the ferry. We will have to ride 15 minutes down a gravel road and then board a ferry that will take us two and a half hours across Lake O ́Higgins to Candelario Mansilla, where we will stop and enjoy the life of this remote Estancia for the evening. We will eat dinner here and sleep under the stars in tents.
**This day must be a Saturday or a Wednesday

Day 11 : Arrive in El Chalten

Candelario Mansilla – Lago del Desierto – El Chalten

Today will be a bit longer than the day before. We will begin the day hiking/cycling four to six hours on a trail that isn ́t maintained very well; the distance is only 22 km. It will be difficult, but will add an aspect of true adventure and wilderness to your ride. Finally you will reach Lago Del Desierto and board another boat that will take us across the lake. A transfer will meet you as you come into El Chalten, and you will then begin to notice the amzing peaks that have made this area famous! It is a short 40 km ride in the van to El Chalten.

Day 12 : Arrive in El Chalten

El Chalten – El Calafate

In the morning you will catch a bus to El Calafate, where you will flight out after noon! If you want to depart out of Chile again, you can take a morning bus to Puerto Natales and then an evening bus to Punta Arenas in order to catch a late flight back to Santiago.


What’s Included

  • All land transportation
  • 13 nights in private double hostel room or private cabins (up to 5 people per cabin)
  • Breakfast on days 2 to 14
  • Lunch on days 2 to 14
  • Dinner on days 1 to 13
  • Support vehicle during cycling days 2-13 (including cycling snacks, water, transporta,on of gear)
  • Mechanical assistance with bike throughout trip
  • Cleaning and maintenance on bike
  • Camping gear (tents, cooking gear, sleeping pads, cooking tent)
  • Excursions listed in program
  • Rental Bike – Giant Terrago in various sizes
  • Transfer from the airport to Coyhaique
  • Transfer from Calafate to the airport
  • Communication satellite (for security reasons only)
  • GPS tracking

What’s not Included

  • Airline Tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal trekking gear
  • Drinks during lunch or dinner Anything not listed as included
  • Tips for staff or at dinners

Important Notes:

Please note that in order to reserve this tour, we need to pay the operator immediately, so all bookings are final. If you have any questions before booking or want to confirm a certain date, please email us at

How far ahead should I book my trip?
Due to the popularity of Patagonia, we recommend booking your trip 4 months in advance during the peak travel months (Dec-Feb). If you want to travel in November or March we recommend booking travel 2 months in advance.

Upon arrival to Patagonia
Your guide will meet you at the airport upon arrival. Typically he/she will take you to Puerto Natales, which is about a 3-hour drive from Punta Arenas. Depending on what time your plane arrives, you will have the entire day or just a few hours to explore or rest-up in the small town of Puerto Natales. Your guide will leave you at your hotel and meet you shortly after dinner to discuss trip details, answer questions, and make sure that you have all the appropriate gear for the next few days (the hotel will allow you to leave any unnecessary luggage with them).

Patagonian weather
Most of the time, there is no way to know what to expect. What you need to know is that it is fast changing and one can witness the wind, sun, rain and snow all in a matter of hours while in Patagonian wilderness. However, in the cities it is slightly more predictable, normally and are correct.

What to pack
During the trek you need to have a backpack (renting a backpack is possible) with just enough room to carry your clothes, toiletries, and sleeping bag (during W trips, renting a sleeping bag is also possible). Shared equipment like tents, stoves, pots, and food will be brought and transferred by our staff.

Personal equipment and clothing should be chosen to allow comfort while hiking. Select clothes to keep you dry in the rain, protected from the wind, and cool enough for warmer moments. It is essential that you are prepared to experience all four seasons in one day.

Tour insurance
It is very important that every visitor has international insurance against accidents. Make sure you have arranged for this insurance before paying for the trip. It is worth considering that some aspects of nature are unpredictable and that we must be prepared for any inconvenient circumstances.

Tour meals
Three meals a day during your program are included. We do not include drinks while in cities or snacks during the day. When staying in cities we will eat in restaurants, however during the days we are in the wilderness your guide will prepare your food. Food is purchased at local stores and we choose your meals according to the preference sheet you fill out. Food can include, but is not limited to, assorted vegetables, beef, chicken and fish. We will also provide energy rich carbohydrates like pasta, rice, or potatoes. To top things off and excite your taste buds we also bring some of the following: wine, beer, cookies, cheese, crackers, and fruits.  Your meals are carried and, most of the time, prepared by your guide.

Changes in itinerary
Although we do our very best to adhere to the schedule agreed upon, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control including weather and terrain conditions.


Southern Carretera Austral

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Villa Castillo: -46.120868, -72.153516
Puerto Murta: -46.441110, -72.711296
Puerto Tranquilo: -46.628769, -72.678841
Puerto Bertrand: -47.013632, -72.825543
Cochrane: -47.246573, -72.577435
Camping Los Nadis: -47.629121, -72.841223
Caleta Tortel: -47.798346, -73.540059
Villa O\'Higgins: -48.482181, -72.588296
El Chalten: -49.331494, -72.886325
El Calafate: -50.340214, -72.270508
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Villa Castillo
Villa Cerro Castillo, Coyhaique, Chile
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Puerto Murta
Puerto Murta Chile
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Puerto Tranquilo
Puerto Tranquilo, Río Ibáñez, Chile
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Puerto Bertrand
Puerto Bertrand, Chile Chico, Chile
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Cochrane, Chile
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Camping Los Nadis
Los Nadis, Cochrane, Chile
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Caleta Tortel
Caleta Tortel, Tortel, Chile
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Villa O'Higgins
Villa O'Higgins, O'Higgins, Chile
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
El Chalten
El Chaltén, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
El Calafate
El Calafate, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Kyle Wiggins


Dario is one of those ‘Santiaguinos’, that one day decided to take advantage of the magnificent country of Chile. He made the decision of leaving the overpopulated capital, Santiago city, where he was born, to head to another part of the country seeking a more natural way of life.

In his case, he followed his greatest passion: cycling, and moved to Patagonia, where he’s been living for over 6 years now. He doesn’t regret a thing.

He speaks fluent Spanish, English and French. Dario is also a certified cycling guide and has more than 10 years of experience guiding adventure travelers from all over the world.

*Please note that this tour may be guided by another local guide, always providing a genuine approach to the local culture.

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