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Bolivian Amazon Experiential Retreat (10 Days)

Discover the truly unique and biodiverse Alto Madidi rain forest in the Amazons with a local and get back in touch with mother nature by undergoing Shamanic rituals and learning all about foraging techniques in this beautiful forest!

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Per Person

Bolivian Amazon Experiential Retreat (10 Days)



On this Bolivian Amazon Experiential Retreat you will:

  • Discover the Alto Madidi forest in the Amazons by going back to the basics and experience the rainforest as it should be done!
  • Build your own hut, fish for your own food, pick and find exotic fruits all with a local Shaman while undergoing spiritual rituals on this truly unique and authentic tour.


Get to know the most biodiverse hotspot in the Amazonian rainforest by electing to embark on this tour retreat that will immerse you into the lives of the locals. This tour will offer you the experience of living in a forest, building your own home, harvesting resources such as fruits, fish, and making your own crafts all while undergoing various spiritual and Shamanic exercises.

You will be paired with a guide to visit the Alto Madidi region which has been named one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. During the following days of your retreat you will have the chance to explore the area of Alto Madidi with your guide and truly have a rainforest life experience by having the opportunity to build your own shelter with palm leaves and fish for your own food!

In addition, you will have the opportunity to undergo various spiritual and shamanic workshops that will have you thinking about life and the spirituality of the forest. Undergo something truly unique and transformative by embarking on this 10-day retreat that will have you connecting back to mother nature and giving you a refreshing look on life through the eyes of the Amazonian rainforest.


10 Days


Please contact operator for more information on the itinerary 

Day 1

PM – Arrival into town of Ixiamas. Dinner. Rest in a hotel

Day 2

AM – Departure to Candelaria reserve

PM – Hike to the river of Irimo stream. Set camp. Experience a Shamanic ceremony

Day 3

AM – Rainforest hike, set up main camp.

PM – Shaman consciousness rituals at night

Day 4

AM – Learn how to consturct your own hut with forest materials.

PM – Shamanic workshop.

Day 5

AM – Continued Shamanic workshop.

PM – Physical therapies

Day 6

AM – Hike Madidi River, animal observations

PM – Learn how to fish in the river and enjoy a fire ceremony on the river beach

Day 7

AM – Hike back to main camp. Learn how to pick exotic fruits

PM – Jewlery crafting with forest materials

Day 8

AM – Ending goodbye ceremony.

PM – Jungle stories with locals

Day 9

AM – Return to Ixiamas.

PM – Rest at Ixiamas.

Day 10

AM – Return to La Paz

What’s Included

  • Transportation in 4×4 vehicle from Ixiamas to Madidi
  • 2 nights in Ixiamas
  • Native guide named Carlos Quete
  • All meals provided
  • Native medicine man to lead rituals and ceremonies
  • Entrance fee to the Candelaria Madidi Reserve.
  • Camping tent and sleeping mat

What’s Not Included

  • Transportation to and from Ixiamas
  • Camping Equipment
  • Tips

What to Bring

  • Large hiking backpack
  • Camping equipment
  • Comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Comfortable camping clothes for 10 days
  • Hat or cap, sun block cream.
  • All hygiene needs for 10 days
  • Rain jacket.
  • Personal pocket knife

Important Notes

Please contact operator for more information regarding this tour


Alto Madidi, Bolivia

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Alto Madidi, Bolivia -13.633333, -68.741667

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