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Panama Coffee Tour

A Coffee Tour in Panama brings you the unique oportunity of dicovering the process from the cherry in a coffee plantation panama to the cup by local with panamanian coffee local farmers.

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Panamanian coffee is famously some of the best in the world, so sampling it and learning about how to make it should be part of any traveler’s itinerary while on the isthmus. Taking a tour of a coffee plantation in Panama is a good way to learn how coffee goes from bean to cup. After you are more familiar with the process, you can more easily identify small fincas (farms) in different parts of the country, sample their coffee, and compare their methods. The best coffee in the country comes from the Chiriqui province (which borders Costa Rica and is below Bocas del Toro).

Chiriqui is a great place to grow coffee because it has many hills at just the right altitude for cultivation, a mild microclimate, and a cloud forest, which provides natural shade for coffee plants. There are various parts of Chiriqui that produce coffee, but farms in Boquete have the most experience showing travelers the complete process. In the 90s, coffee farmers in this area decided to shift their focus from quantity to quality, and have since won international recognition for both their coffee and for their plantation tours. Following, we have a few suggestions for places to learn about growing and processing coffee. Panama Coffee Tour s

USD $50.00 Per Person

Panama, Boquete, Chiriquí

Organic Coffee Farm Tour in Boquete, Panama

USD $40.00 Per Person