The seventh most populated metropolis in the world, Mexico City is a fantastic place for history and culture fanatics. A blend of indigenous and Spanish culture, the vibrant communities here have undergone colossal transformations over the past few decades. Today, Mexico’s City’s allure lies within its braid of modernity and antiquity.

Travel through time with visits to pre-Hispanic pyramids, monuments of the Mexican Revolution, and world-renowned restaurants. Located at an altitude of 7,350 feet, the city also offers stunning natural attractions. Although one day isn’t nearly enough to explore all this city offers, you can still get a taste of the best attractions and hotspots. Here’s our recommendation on how explore Mexico City in a day.

Mexico City in a Day

Morning Stroll to Explore Top Mexico City Attractions

Whether you’ve just got off a red-eye flight or woken up refreshed in your hotel, start your day in Mexico City with breakfast. Azul Histórico is the perfect spot to enjoy a taste of the city. They offer unbelievable chilaquiles and huevos rancheros, but whatever you decide, we’re positive the food will surpass your expectations. The best part, meals are no more than $10 (including tip).

With a happy belly, head to one of Mexico City’s top attractions, the Zócalo. This square has maintained the seat of government since the Aztecs, with buildings using the original materials  that belonged to Moctezuma II. From the Zocalo you can walk to the Palacio Nacional to get a taste of Mexican history. See the famous murals of Diego Rivera and tour the very place that houses the offices of the President and Federal Treasury. If you’d rather see the city on bicycle, take a look at our Half-Day Mexico City Bike Tour.

Mexico city in a day

A Taste of Street Food, Music, Tequila, and Culture

Time for some “almuerzo” (lunch). There are copious amounts of carts lining the streets of Mexico City; why not grab a bite and try street food? Keep in mind, the carts with the best food tend to have longer lines. If your willing to wait, you can get some pretty authentic and downright delicious Mexican food at an unbeatable price. You’re likely to only spend around $1.50 USD for an entire meal, including a drink. 

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On the other hand, if your looking for more of a dining experience, head to La Casa de las Sirenas. The food here is great and the views are breathtaking. Witness the stretch of the Zócalo and the cathedral’s hidden garden while basking in the selection of 150 tequilas.

Depending on how much street food you ate and tequila you drank, you’ll probably want a siesta. Fight this urge and, instead, head over to the Bellas Artes — a mecca for traditional Mexican dance and music. If you’re a theatre enthusiast, we recommend planning ahead and buying tickets to Ballet Folklorico.

If you’re not be able to get tickets to the Ballet Folklorico, you can mosey on over to Xochimilco to see the mariachi bands and colorful boats down the canals. Xochimilco has been a World Heritage Site since 1987, and its rich colors and harmonious music have attracted tourists from all over the globe. While the Mariachi bands may be distracting, don’t forget to walk the markets and take a boat ride along the small artificial islands known as chinampas.

Mexico city in a day

A Night in Mexico City 

After a relaxing afternoon filled with dancing and music, head to one of the best restaurants in the city, Sud 777. Here, young chef Edgar Núñez Magaña experiments with simple dishes and makes them unique.

End your day off with one the most incredible experiences in the city, watching a Luche Libre fight. Head over to the Arena Mexico and witness grown men in spandex and capes wrestle into the night. Their masks allude back to the Aztec Empire for their godly powers. You may even notice a de-masking of an opponent which is the utmost display of defeat. Keep in mind the fights only happen on specific nights, so we recommend checking the box office in advance.

Although a day is not enough to fully explore Mexico City, no matter where you head, your experiences are sure to be lively and exciting. Final tip, keep an eye out for holidays, for each is unique. Whether linked to history or religion, everyone visiting the country will certainly be fascinated by them.

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