Offering beautiful white sand beaches, Isla Iguana is a secluded paradise for exotic wildlife.  With the largest area of unspoiled coral reefs in the Gulf of Panama, it’s one of the best spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. Best part? It’s still quite unknown by most tourists, meaning you’ll get to experience a relaxing day at the beach with the locals.

Isla Iguana

How to Get to Isla Iguana

In order to get to Isla Iguana, you’ll first need to head to Pedasí in the Los Santos province of Panama. You can reach Pedasi by bus, car, or plane.

Panama City to Pedasi by Car
If you’re more of an independent traveller and like road trips, renting a car might be the option for you. In order to reach Pedasí by car, you’ll need to drive 4-hours from Panama City. Not to fret, the drive is safe and scenic and the Panamerican Highway is  well-paved. On the way there, you’ll pass by the town of Divisa, a perfect spot to grab a quick bite to eat before continuing on.

Panama City to Pedasi Bus
If you are looking for a more economical option, you can also head to Pedasi via bus. In order to get there, though, you’ll need to take two buses. At the Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City find the ticket window for Las Tablas and purchase a ticket for approximately $9. After arriving in Las Tablas, head to the Praga bus station; about a 5 minute walk and located next to Hotel Piamonte. From there, look for buses labeled “Pedasi” for about $3.

Flights from Panama City to Pedasi
If traveling by plane, Air Panama offers flights about 1-2 times a week between Panama City and Pedasi during the high-season (December-April). During low-season, it is best to travel by car or bus as flights become unreliable. Flights cost about $100 for a one-way ticket.

Getting from Pedasi to Isla Iguana
Once in Pedasí, you can arrange a local fishermen to give you a boat ride from Playa Arenal to Isla Iguana. The price for the boat is around $80 USD. If you are looking for a more reliable transportation to and from Isla Iguana, take a look at our Isla Iguana Day Trip. We’ll make sure that your private boat is ready when you want and your guide will prepare lunch & snacks and snorkeling equipment for a your beach day.

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What to do on Isla Iguana

If you’re planning a day trip to Isla Iguana, the entrance fee to the island is $10 USD for tourists. This fee helps the the island protect the wildlife that call the island home.

Enjoy the Beaches
Soak up the sun on one of the two main beaches on Isla Iguana. El Cirial is the larger beach that has  calmer waves and larger crowds. While El Faro is the more popular spot for diving and snorkeling. There is a short 300 meter trail between each shore, so you can easily visit both spots and choose the one you prefer.

Snorkeling in Isla Iguana
Witness the plethora of fish, sea turtles, invertebrates, coral all within the 99 acres of coral reef. If you’re planning to do some scuba diving or snorkeling on Isla Iguana, you’ll need to bring your own gear or rent some before heading to the island. There are a number of operators in Pedasi where you can rent equipment or book a tour.

Isla Iguana

Explore the Wildlife
The island is most famous for their colony of friendly black and green iguanas, hence the name. However, Isla Iguana also harbors over 62 bird species, a plethora of aquatic animals, and different plants and fauna. If you’re lucky, you might get to see some of the turtles that call this island home.

Camping on Isla Iguana
Although most tourists come for a day, it is possible to camp and spend the night on Isla Iguana. However, you must notify the rangers beforehand and ensure that you camp in the designated area.

Not interested in camping? Take a look at our Overnight Isla Iguana Tour with a beautiful pre-booked hotel in Pedasi.  

Tips for Your Isla Iguana Day Trip

Isla Iguana

Overall, Isla Iguana and its immaculate nature coupled with the serenity of its beautiful horizons make the island the hidden jewel of Panama’s highest growing tourism destination: Pedasí. While we only recommend a one or two day stay on the island, we do recommend spending more time in the charming town of Pedasi and the surrounding region.

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