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The Peruvian Amazon covers an extension of 37,421.97 sq mi (96,922.47 km2), that represents more than 70% of the total surface of Peru and approximately 16% of the Amazon Jungle. The Peruvian Amazon covers the eastern part of the country from north to south, bordering north with Ecuador and Colombia, east with Brazil and south with Bolivia, making it impossible to appreciate the country boundaries on these areas. The Andes Mountains, cross the country from north to south as well, separating the Amazon Jungle from the Semi-Desertic Peruvian Coastal line. Even though the Amazon covers approx 70% of Peru’s territory, only 5% of the population lives in the Amazon. The main towns and the ones from where the Amazon Jungle can be explored are Iquitos (The Best option if you want to enjoy Peruvian Amazon Tours) in the north, Tarapoto and Pucallpa in the central area of the country, and Puerto Maldonado in the south.

USD $650.00 Per Person
USD $117.00 Per Person
USD $390.00USD $780.00 Per Person
USD $647.00 Per Person
USD $364.00 Per Person